In the year 2008, during a casual conversation among friends, the topic of Malayalam language came up. One of us mentioned the possibility of starting a teaching session for our kids. This idea was shared among few other like-minded friends. As if they were all waiting for some one to initiate, a spark that lit the fire, it just happened; BALAKAIRALI WAS FORMED.

We were not sure; hence we decided to run a trial for just three months. Before we knew, three months, six months, one year passed. Now we have completed many successful years with wonderful group of staff and students.Like many other organisations, the growth was slow and steady. With the help of the Blacktown City Council, we have hired a hall on regular basis to run the classes. For the smooth running of the organisation, we formed a working committee to manage the classes and the day-to-day activities. A constitution was prepared and we have registered the organisation with the Department of Fair Trading.We started the classes with just 15 students. We now have almost 40 students learning Malayalam Language. We also have an ever-growing Malayalam Library. All the teachers and committee members are volunteers ready to spend time for this noble cause. We only charge a nominal fee to meet our running expenses. We conduct sports and family fun day activities once a year. We also celebrate Onam, the festival of Keralites every year.We realise that our Mother Tongue is our Wealth. The best way of learning our culture is to learn through our Mother Tongue. In Balakairali, we only provide a chance for the kids to learn the language of their motherland. In the age of globalisation, some parents may doubt the relevance of the mother tongue. But once when things do not go as per our wish, what if we regret for not giving a chance for our child to know who we were.